NOTONIK is a CHORD based Rompler with 100 beautifully crafted Chord Sounds built into a minimalistic UI to keep you focused on one thing, creating beats!  The presets in NOTONIK have enough flair and nuance to provide instant inspiration right at your fingertips. NOTONIK was made to simplify the creative process and to spark creativity instantly, so get ready to be truly Inspired!  

Textures - Get Playful!

NOTONIK has 4 highly detailed built-in texture layers that you can dial into the sounds when playing them to create extra characteristics. 

It includes Vinyl, Rainforest, City and Space

These textures really enable you to get playful with the sounds and not to mention they can really add a noticeable warmth and edge to your overall production. 

Bonus: You can even use the textures on their own if you just fancied layering your beats with some subtle textures. Just turn the texture or combination of textures you want to blend up and press a key in really high or really low octaves to achieve this.  

Built-In Effects

With NOTONIK you’ll also be getting access to effects that allow you to further customise the sound design. We focused on specific effects that we feel compliment the sounds as opposed to an overwhelming amount of knobs and faders that can take away from the experience of what NOTONIK was designed to be. Fast, Inspirational and effective to use. The hard work to make NOTONIK sound great has been done for you to already enjoy and experience.     


Tides – by @Arsineymusic

Trap Vibes – by @Arsineymusic

Late Night – by @Arsineymusic

A Mile Away – By @b3atmakers

Escape Room – By @PulseMusicGroup



Want to know your way around NOTONIK?  This Video will take you through all the features of NOTONIK


Only – $20.00